Meet the Guildmasters: Salkrai

Hey everyone, I’m Salkrai and I’m the Adjunct of Irkallu!

Like Kazan, I also come from playing Final Fantasy XIV, and have played that since it relaunched in 2013. I’m primarily a Tank player, and in Final Fantasy I main as a Paladin (Protecting party members with my shield is pretty epic!). The rest of the time, I’m usually playing Overwatch where I currently play as Sigma where I can (again – tanks + shields = win).

Real life me

Back in the real world, I’m currently a Software Developer at Lancaster University, UK where after completing my degree in Software Engineering I succumbed to Stockholm Syndrome and couldn’t bring myself to leave it behind. Luckily as part of that, I put my spare time into working on our trusty Discord bot – Dingir – which we use to help manage some of the more tedious admin tasks of running a safe community!

When not coding, I’ve started to pick up reading again and have just finished the 3rd book in Robin Hobb’s series of fantasy novels, but with (at least) another 13 books to go, I’ll be chipping away at them for a while yet!

Me & Irkallu

As for my role in Irkallu, I’m the right hand of Kazan, the Kadingir, and will mostly oversee the administrative side of the guild along with the rest of The Circle – The Golden Hand, Mortal Sword & Arbiter. Together, managing coordination of keeping our guild a safe and welcoming environment by keeping everyone in line with our rules, as well as defending our physical land in-game from outsiders who would try to take it from us!

I bought into Ashes of Creation back towards the end of the Intrepid Pack sales and I hope to use my Alpha 1 Access to see how we can be best prepared to get a foothold for our guild when the time comes for us all to enter Verra together!

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