The founding of Irkallu

Irkallu is a guild formed for Ashes of Creation from before the 2021 Alpha tests. The guildmasters, Kazan (The Kadingir) and Salkrai (The Adjunct) knew that knowing people and being a part of a community would be vital to the enjoyment of and progression within Ashes. So, they came up with the idea to start their own little community; a place where they and others could be welcome and safe, without pressure to sacrifice their lives to hardcore guilds. We’ve been in that position of looking for a guild and not finding the right fit. We’ve been in that position where you’re in a super-hardcore guild, and we’ve been in guilds with members that aren’t welcoming or push out people who aren’t a part of the clique.

It’s not fun, and can make you want to not play. We’re not about that.

The founding principles

We want Irkallu to be a guild where everyone can feel welcome, whether they are a team player or a solo player who doesn’t want to always be alone. We want that for ourselves, and we want that for other people.

We believe that:

Behind the identity

Kazan designed the crystal logo (usable as the Discord emoji :dingir:) and came up with the name. Irkallu is one of the names for the ancient Mesopotamian underworld, and the symbol seen in the logo is named Dingir. This is the cuneiform character for the word AN, meaning sky. It was later used to denote a god or goddess when used with their name.

The ‘theme’ for the roles is a god’s cult (as in group of worshippers of a particular god – no sacrifices here!) with a militant theme. We looked at other places like the Knights Templar and other militant organisations before settling on the current roles.

Join us

If you want to join a community of close-knit players where you can play without pressure, why don’t you join us on Discord and introduce yourself?

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